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These 13 Illogical Lawsuits Were Filed Against Celebrities


It really feels good to be widely known which’s the reason most individuals require popularity. Nonetheless, everybody shouldn’t be well-known because of the similar causes. Individuals excel of their fields to develop into widely known.

These people have submitted absurd lawsuits in the direction of stars with the purpose of embarrassing them or for acquiring traction off their fame.

1.Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian was married to Kris Humphries for only 72 days after which she applied for divorce. This was a prominent media event as well as to today, is spoken about. Her wedding event was highly-publicized as well as she reportedly made 18 million dollars off it! Individuals were so angered by this publicity stunt that they even boycotted her show. A single person that did not take this divorce well was comic Rob Dulaney. He filed a claim against Kim, Ryan Seacrest, and also E! for popularizing this “sham wedding celebration.” We do comprehend his anger against superstars utilizing their fame for deceiving individuals.

2.Kim Kardashian Once Again


Kim K is indisputably among one of the most prominent individuals online. She is a major influencer as well as this caused her some trouble in 2017. Kim supported LuMee, a company producing light-up phone situations. The outcome was that their sales skyrocketed. In 2017, their rival Snaplight submitted a legal action versus Kim for copyright infringement and also they asserted that because Kim had advertised their competitor, it had become ‘very hard’ for them to contend in the identical market.

3.Michael Jackson


The King of Pop is not any added nonetheless his residential property nonetheless remains to be hit with silly lawsuits. One such event was the 2012 suit submitted by Kimberly Griggs. She declared that she was in a connection with Michael and hence impressed his songs. She declared that a few of his greatest hits had been impressed by their relationship. She additionally asserted that he had guaranteed to signal over the legal rights of his songs to her earlier than his passing.



There was opinion about whether or not Beyonce mothered Blue Ivy Carter since her abdominal area folded up throughout an interview. There have been a number of conspiracy concepts ever since they generally have actually been fueled by Tina Seals. This girl filed a legal action in 2014 asserting that she was the organic mama of Blue. She has additionally asserted that she is the organic mama of all 3 of Michael Jackson’s youngsters, William as well as Kate’s youngsters, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s baby as well as Kim and also Kanye’s daughter North West. The choose in addition controlled that she is not going to be permitted to submit such instances one way or another.

5.The Jonas Brothers


In 2010, a girl named Ashleigh Johnson sued the Jonas Brothers. Apparently, she had gone to a real-time efficiency of the band at The Grove. She declared that team of followers had actually pressed her right into a guard fencing causing her mental as well as bodily injury as well as damages. As an option of resolving to not rest near the fencing anymore, she determined to file a claim towards the band as well as an organization known as Caruso Administration.



Jay-Z has commonly been seen advertising his documents label, Roc Country by positioning his hands to type a diamond. In 2005, Ruby Dallas sued Jay-Z for copyright violation. Dallas asserted that it was actually him who had actually produced the hand gesture, which he called the ‘Ruby Cutter’ in 1996. He furthermore pointed out that after Jay-Z began using the image, people would charge Dallas of duplicating the image. The court docket actually proclaimed that Jay-Z should discontinue using the image however it definitely’s been 14 years and he hasn’t quit.

7.Miley Cyrus


In 2009, a photograph of Miley Cyrus using her hands to vary her face appearance showed up online. Individuals instantly started questioning whether or not it was a racially billed motion disparaging Asians or not. Miley was pushed to ask forgiveness nonetheless that had not been the pointer. Lucie J. Kim submitted a $four billion legal action towards Miley for violating civil rights. She chose the sum by the next logic– each Asia Pacific Islander (nearly one million) residence in Los Angeles should have to be paid $4000.

8.Mila Kunis


A girl named Kristina Karo filed a claim against Mila Kunis. She claimed that she and Mila had actually gone to secondary school collectively in first grade. Karo stated that Mila would normally most likely to her home and soon turned connected to her pet hen named Dog. Dog disappeared one day and also obviously, Mila had admitted to stealing the hen. This brought on Karo psychological stress and anxiety. We wonder why she waited all these years for Mila to develop into a TV star as a substitute of suing her mom as well as daddy. That as well, she filed a claim against Mila for less than $5000!

9.Elvis Presley


Elvis was an icon of his time. After his death, followers had been smashed and also a lot of began establishing with theories that he had returned from the drab. An individual from Fort Rate in Texas asserted that Elvis was alive and also was calling him constantly. The individual claimed that Elvis called him so continually, it caused him psychological stress and anxiety and also raised his telephone billing. He took legal action against Elvis’ residential or commercial property for damages for his having a hard time. It isn’t recognized how the state of events was dealt with.



In 2006, Prince was renting out a manor from Carlos Boozer then-forward for the Utah Jazz, at $70,000 per thirty days. Royal prince evidently, repainted the mansion purple as well as made different adjustments. He did this with out the owner’s permission nonetheless Boozer approved checks from him after the alterations. In 2006, Boozer filed a suit in the direction of Royal prince however later dropped it after being paid a seven-figure confirm for an undefined amount by Royal prince.

11.Jennifer Lopez


On Might 29th, 2015, Lopez accomplished at Mawazine Globe Rhythms Worldwide Music Competition in Morocco. She was bring a form-fitting bodysuit, fishnet leggings, as well as stiletto boots. This clothing angered the Muslim-majority inhabitants of Morocco. An training group filed a lawsuit towards Lopez claiming that she had “disturbed public order, and tarnished women’s honor and respect”. She was sentenced to 2 years in a Moroccan jail. She’s protected so long as she by no means goes again there, which she in all probability gained’t do anyway!

12.Zhao Wei


You in all probability bear in mind this actress from Shaolin Soccer. In 2015, a Chinese language man filed a lawsuit towards Zhao claiming that she had stared too intently at him by his tv, inflicting him “spiritual damage”. It isn’t recognized how a lot the person sought within the lawsuit. Nevertheless, it have to be a big quantity as Zhao and her husband have a fortune price billions.

13.Sacha Baron Cohen


In 2009, a lawsuit was filed towards Cohen by aged Richelle Olson. She claimed that when in 2007, Cohen was filming ‘Bruno’, his vulgar language and an altercation he began brought on her mind damage. The go well with went to trial and Common submitted footage of the occasion. Whereas a number of the aged individuals had been laughing, Olson was heard shouting, “I will not have anyone make a mockery of this bingo hall!” Cohen and his producers at Common Studios gained as a result of First Modification.

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